About me:

Established in 2011, Concept of the Good is the independent graphic design studio of me, Erin Stewart, based in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Over the years I’ve regularly worked on everything from large corporate brands through to bespoke art projects. With a well-rounded network of trusted industry partners I provide a wide range of visual communications from branding, logo design, and illustration through to print production, website development and project management.

Irrespective of the size or scope, every project is undertaken with creative integrity and commercial discipline. My background in sign-making and print production ensures I can bridge the gap between creative ideas and practical application - more than simply making things ‘look good’.


Mindset and methodologies

I started Concept of the Good because I saw that local companies could benefit from a proactive, get-it-done freelance designer. There was a need for someone who took a creative approach to design and an equally dynamic attitude to production.

Having worked in the design and production industries for over a decade I provide valuable experience to my clients. I know how to capture the personality and capability of a brand and how this can then be extended across other communication platforms for the greatest return on investment.

Then there are the less obvious but no less valuable ways to add value and create worth. With my extensive, well-trusted industry network I can provide everything needed in brand development and marketing communication. With my dedication from concept to completion I ensure there are no slip-ups or missed opportunities along the way.


There are no half-measures in my efforts. No ambivalence or indifference. I get stuff done with no hassle and no fuss. I also know that there are many designers out there in the world who may be able to provide just as good a result as what I can...

so I have to compete not just with my creative expertise but also with a practical, hands-on approach to form and function. I have a commitment to everyday hard work. It’s the only way I know how to provide exceptional results.


I’m honest in my words and forthright in my work. If something’s not working I’ll let you know. I also prefer to take the mystique and braggadocio out of good design work. Yes, there are more than 9 good reasons why the logo was placed where it was. But you’ll likely have better things to do than listen to a 10 minute presentation on why.

If you’d prefer I can charge extra for audacious presentations and beautiful gimmickry. However I’d prefer your investment in my expertise is put to its best use.


Word of mouth provides a large amount of my ongoing work – my clients like what’s been done and are happy to share who did it. That’s why my aim is always to build long-term relationships. They’re my best advocates, the brands behind the Good reputation and the reason for my continued success.

New Zealand is a small place. I really don’t think you can continue to do good work and be successful by cutting corners or creating headaches for clients. I’m working today so I can be proud tomorrow.

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